Maggie Ottenwess, chef, and military spouse, was raised in New Jersey and grew up with Italian food on every corner.  After being encouraged by members of the community in Columbus, Maggie started Amore Sauce in October of 2022.  Love is the secret ingredient in many dishes and cooking with “amore” is what Maggie adds to all her recipes.  All of these goodies are homemade right here at Columbus Air Force Base.  

Items available for purchase at events include the Signature Red Marinara pasta sauce – which is delicious on countless things besides pasta – and Italian pizzelle cookies.  Try them!  You will be surprised!  

For special orders, Amore Sauce makes: Alfredo sauce, Benvenuto Blush sauce, and is well known for its Tiramisu cheesecake (individual and standard size), cannoli dip, and other desserts.  

Coming this season, Amore Sauce is looking to add basil pesto sauce, olive focaccia bread, and tomato jam (savory, not sweet)

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