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  • Holiday Farmers’ Market 2022

    Holiday Farmers’ Market 2022

    Join us for the Holiday Farmers’ Market! Saturday, November 19th 9am-12pm At the Hitching Lot Farmers’ Market! Corner of 2nd Ave & 2nd St North. Showcasing the best local art, […]

  • Visiting Wolfe Creek Gardens!

    Visiting Wolfe Creek Gardens!

    Get to know our farmers! I had the privilege of visiting Wolfe Creek Gardens recently, and I was greeted so kindly and shown what they do in Caledonia. When I […]

  • T-Farm & Trinity Bottom Farm!

    T-Farm & Trinity Bottom Farm!

    Thank you so much Trinity Bottom Farm and T-Farm for showing us around your properties! Everyone has their own unique ways of achieving their garden, and I was impressed with […]

  • Visiting Lane Farm!

    Visiting Lane Farm!

    Recently, we visited one of our AMAZING farmers! Mr. Micheal Lane showed us what he is currently planting and what is currently growing at the farm. Rows and Rows of […]

  • 2022 Hitching Lot Farmers’ Market opens May 14!

    2022 Hitching Lot Farmers’ Market opens May 14!

    The 2022 Hitching Lot Farmers’ Market will have its grand opening on Saturday, May 14th! Come by to see what new offerings we have this year!

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